Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund-EACFF

"Down Home--Where they know you by name and treat you like family"

Just like the country music song, the Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund (EACFF) invites you to remember the fond memories you or a loved one had growing up in a safe, secure little community in Southwest Nebraska. Sure Eustis doesn't offer all the big-city attractions. But it does offer an excellent school system, a progressive business community, an indoor swimming pool, a public library, a senior center, a daycare, beautifully-maintained village parks and playground equipment, and hosts many events like Wurst Tag, Sod House Days, the Eustis Fair and Corn Show, a crowd-busting demolition derby, a fantastic fireworks display and many, many other things.

The EACFF has a vision of helping to ensure our community's successful survival in all of these areas and is even reaching out to improve the offerings our community has. How did growing up in Eustis impact you? When you come back for a visit does it still feel like home? When you drive to town to attend a baseball game or a pancake feed do you look around and give thanks for what we offer? Would you feel proud to help contribute to the vision of furthering the mission work of the EACFF?

In 2004, EACFF was established with the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) which provides affiliated fund status to more than 200 communities, organizations and donors statewide. EACFF is under the 501(c)3 umbrella of NCF.

What is the MISSION of the EACFF?
It is to enrich the quality of life in the Eustis Community by providing flexible ways for donors to invest in the current and future needs of the Eustis area.

What is our GOAL?
Our goal is to build an unrestricted endowment that will fund the future of the Eustis area. The income from an unrestricted endowment will enable us to invest in programs and projects that help the community accomplish its goals now and for future generations.