Eustis Area Community Foundation Fund


Why? Over the next 50 years, our nation will experience the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth
in history. What is that? Due to outmigration of our young people, many of the next generations will no
longer live in the Eustis area. When they move away and their families remaining here pass away where
does the estate money go? Most will go to heirs living away from here, some will go to taxes, but some
could be preserved as your legacy for the future of Eustis.

Using conservative analysis, the estimated 10-year transfer of wealth in Frontier County (in which
Eustis is located) is $124 million. The 50-year estimated transfer of wealth is $1.06 billion. In the 2010
census, 19% of Frontier counties residents are over the age of 65. For Frontier County, the best time to
capture a portion of the transfer of wealth is now!